Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Ryann posing with the tree and presents.
I hope everyone had a fabulous Holiday with family, friends, stories, laughter, and yummy food! I know I sure did! On Christmas Eve my older brother and my sister-in-law stopped by and we exchanged gifts. This was very weird because ever since I was born we always opened our gifts on Christmas morning this was the first year ever we opened all our gifts on Christmas Eve! That was because my brother and sister-in-law could only come that night. 
These are the gifts I got from the immediate family. 

I am so excited about my gifts! I asked for things for Jake and I's home and that's what I got. A crock pot, Snapware (super excited about this one!), bakeware, and awesomely colored mixing bowls! My brother also got me a how-to guide for the camera I'm going to buy! It's a DSLR so confusing to use, therefore a manual is helpful! I also got $100 from my Grandma. I also got to Skype Jake on Christmas Eve...well sort of. He couldn't talk because his roommate was sleeping but he got to watch and listen to me open the gift he got me, which I FREAKING LOVE!
He got me a message in a bottle! It's filled with sand and shells which are important symbols in our relationship because he asked me out on the beach and proposed to me on the beach and we spent a lot of time together in San Diego at the beach! The message inside was also very cute. He tried to tell me he wrote it himself...which I was suspicious about because of the large words and the over all flow of it, so when I went online to "Authenticate" it with a code, I saw that it was a pre-written message and called him out on his fib! It was actually pretty funny. Either way I love it and it's very sweet. 

On Christmas day we went over to my Aunt's house. We ate A LOT of food and I went into a short food coma. We also played pool, my brother and dad had a nice arm wrestling match (my dad won), and we opened more gifts. 

My gifts from the other family members include: a cashmere scarf from my Aunt that she got during her trip to Israel, and money from everyone else. Totaling...well lets just say enough to buy my new camera! In the picture my grandma is opening a new  TV that my Dad, Aunt, and Uncles all pitched in money for. 
Overall, it was a great Christmas. I was missing Jake a lot but we will have plenty of Christmases together in the future! I was also really missing my Gramps. Family get togethers aren't the same without him around! Love you Grandpa!

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  1. Mac sent me a Message in a Bottle for my birthday while he was gone. It was so sweet. Glad you got one, too!



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