Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Care Package

It's Christmas time!!!! 
So time to share Jake's Christmas Care Package!
'Tis the season of giving so I packed little goodie bags for the people he works with. Inside each I put a mini package of cookies, a Rice Krispie bar, and either a fruit roll up or fruit by the foot. I also packed some of those plastic candy canes filled with candy. I chose the ones with Mike and Ike's, RUNTS, and Skittles because they had less of a chance of melting. Along with those I put in some Gatorade for Jake, a card, and Jake's gift.

Thee Box

The Gift
Jake asked for something small and simple. Something he could take around with him since he doesn't get much time in his room unless he's sleeping. He suggested a necklace of some sort so that is just what I got him. 
I am in love with ETSY, an online store for homemade goods. I found a Star Wars inspired I love you - I know necklace and knew right away that would be the perfect gift. I already had a blue light saber necklace for myself that I bought so I figured if I got him this particular necklace we could match and wear the same thing while apart and it would somewhat connect us. 
To check out the necklace I bought him and other work by the seller go here: McMakinDesigns.

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