Friday, November 23, 2012

Lego Care Package

This particular package is by far my favorite of all the ones I've done. Also the one I've spent the most time on. You can find the Lego outlines HERE just print them out and decorate! Also, I found the Lego scrapbook paper and fancy duct tape at Joanne Fabrics. The outside was decorated with various patterned/colored duct tape.
For the inside, I made Lego couples representing us as a couple. You know casual wear, scuba diving wear, semi-formal ware, and wedding attire! I also put Hans Solo and Leia on there to represent us in a silly way.
I added in shaving cream because the store out there ran out, beef jerky, applesauce, Tabasco, graham crackers, Muddy Buddies, trail mix, a five hour energy, and some crackers.  

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