Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I love that... today, randomly, without even planning it, my man and I started e-mailing back and forth but the difference with today when compared to our normal back and forth e-mailing is we started every single reply with "I love that." For example the conversation started with Jake saying things such as "I love my job" and me saying "I love fishing" and just random things that we love. Then it ended up being Jake saying things like "I love that you support me in my military career", "I love that you want to take my last name", "I love that you will be a great mother one day", " I love that we will be able to play computer games together" and me saying "I love that you think I'm worthy enough to take your last name", "I love that we will be able to play board games as a date night", and "I love that one day I'll be able to hug and kiss you any time I want", and "I love that you believe in me and have faith that I will be successful in my career one day." 

It's a really fun and cute game to play with your significant other. You can do it over instant messaging, texts, e-mail, heck you can even do it in voice conversations! We made up the rules as we went and the person who does not put the "I love that" or the "I love" in front of the sentence loses and you can try to trick each other into messing up. As of right now, we are still going and haven't been able to trick each other yet, but we've been close! It gives you, as a couple, the chance to compliment each other, re-live good memories, express your hopes & dreams, and just let each other know how much you mean to one another. It's especially beneficial and important for me because Jake is overseas and we don't get to communicate verbally very often and we don't get to see each other for large chunks out of the year. This gives us a fun way to talk about our future together and express our love in a unique way. We're having a lot of fun with it!!!

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