Monday, November 12, 2012

Fishing/Aquatic Care Package!

Woo hoo! Jake received his next package yesterday so I get to share! This one had a fishing/aquatic theme. Jake is a fan of the water and scuba diving so I thought I would bring a touch of the water to him (in the best way I could). I think it turned out pretty good!

On the outside flaps my sister made a drawing of an octopus (made with the outline of her hand) and some Jellyfish! She also wrote a little note on there. She is adorable and she has a MAJOR crush on Jake. It's quite ridiculous. She's only 9-years-old so it's cute! =]

Inside Flaps
Flap #1: A bobber attached to a fishing line with the quote "You and me going fishing in the dark, lying on our backs and counting the stars." Great song and it's about fishing and I can't wait to go fishing in the dark with my hubby someday! 
Flap #2: A boat that my little brother drew (12 years old). With some waves. 
Flap #3: A fishing pole with a heart attached and the quote "You've caught my heart...AWW" and I also added a "I LOVE YOU" on there! =]
Flap #4: "There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you are the only one for me!!!" Couldn't be more true. 

Side #1: Some summery stickers of a surfboard, sunglasses, cloud with a sun, and a flower.
Side #2: Drew my own school of fish on shiny gold paper, added a hook in front of them and a sticker saying "Hook, line, and sinker."
Side #3: My little sister drew a picture of a mermaid, and I added some sea animal stickers. 
Side #4: My sister drew Jake and I as scuba divers (they are sooo cute) and I added some stickers of fish and other underwater animals. 

Inside Bottom
A drawing of Dory from Finding Nemo with the quote "Just keep swimming." Meaning, keep on trucking over there and working hard because soon you will be able to come home!!!

The Contents
I tried to add snacks that somehow related to fishing or something that one might bring with while fishing. So I started out with the obvious: Goldfish. I put in two bags in two different flavors. I then added some Wheat Thins, four cans of AMP, granola bars, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, pistachios,  and gummy worms. I added applesauce as well because he requested it (he's on a health kick so I tried not to include snacks too high in calories). I also added in two random things, the first being hand sanitizer called Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer from the site Perpetual Kid (click the link to go to the site). I actually got a lot of stuff from that website for future packages for him. There are a ton of low priced random stuff on there! Anyway, I added the hand sanitizer because well...#1 you need to sanitize your hands after handling fish right? So it fits the theme. #2 it has a funny name and well obviously a lot of deployed military touch their genitals a lot, let's be honest. It's a lonely place over there. I also included a Wacky Wally Wall Crawler (from Perpetual kid as well), because it's cute and it's a octopus! 
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  1. Oh my goodness! Such a cute and sweet idea!!! I want to do something like this for our family this year, since my husband and I live far away from them. So creative and cute! :)



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