Friday, November 23, 2012

Lego Care Package

This particular package is by far my favorite of all the ones I've done. Also the one I've spent the most time on. You can find the Lego outlines HERE just print them out and decorate! Also, I found the Lego scrapbook paper and fancy duct tape at Joanne Fabrics. The outside was decorated with various patterned/colored duct tape.
For the inside, I made Lego couples representing us as a couple. You know casual wear, scuba diving wear, semi-formal ware, and wedding attire! I also put Hans Solo and Leia on there to represent us in a silly way.
I added in shaving cream because the store out there ran out, beef jerky, applesauce, Tabasco, graham crackers, Muddy Buddies, trail mix, a five hour energy, and some crackers.  

Fall/Thanksgiving Package

The outside. Leaves and a Turkey made from the outline of my hand. I even added my engagement ring on there. Because I could I guess. The inside is various Fall themed stickers, little leaves, some trees I drew and cut out to glue in there, and the quote "I'd Fall for you every time." I also added a little note on some cardstock to top it off.
The goodies inside include: an inflatable Turkey, Bacon scented bar soap, Maple Bacon Seasoning, Gumballs in the flavor of various Thanksgiving dishes, a Bacon stuffed guy, applesauce, Diet Arnold Palmer Snapple, Five gum, beef jerky, Chex Mix, and some of those cheddar peanut butter crackers. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! 
I do have a lot to be thankful for, but for the most part I am very thankful for a wonderful family and for an amazing Fiance'. A Fiance' I really really miss. A Fiance' I wish was with me today getting fat with a food babies. A Fiance' I wish could sit down with my family and get to know them.  I spent the whole day talking to everyone about my fast approaching move to California and my school plans. They all seemed pretty interested in what I want to do with my life and where my life is heading. My sister-in-law is eager to meet Jake when he gets home, so hopefully we will be able to plan some sort of get together so he can get to know some people in my family. My older brother and sister-in-law graduated with my Fiance' so what they remember of him is a lot different from what he is like today. Apparently Jake was a super weirdo in high school. Who would have guessed!? I already knew that though because I was friends with him at the time too. It was so weird having a Thanksgiving with out my Grandpa around cracking jokes and falling asleep randomly in the living room. I miss him and I can tell my Grandma really does too. It breaks my heart seeing her all alone. My Grandpa passed away this March and Holidays just aren't the same without him around. 
Overall, it was a pretty good day. Talking with the Fam was great, and eating all our food was awesome. I ate way too much though, but hey it's a Holiday. That's how I'm going to justify myself. We also got a good snow going today. We haven't had a good snow yet this year so it's newsworthy in Minnesota. As for Black Friday shopping I am skipping it this year. I don't really need anything that is on sale and I am really trying to save some money.  Therefore, I'm going to bed early and getting up for work tomorrow like a normal person (although I really don't want to work tomorrow =[ ). 
Some more Snapshots from the day. My dog was being a baby Kangaroo!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fishing/Aquatic Care Package!

Woo hoo! Jake received his next package yesterday so I get to share! This one had a fishing/aquatic theme. Jake is a fan of the water and scuba diving so I thought I would bring a touch of the water to him (in the best way I could). I think it turned out pretty good!

On the outside flaps my sister made a drawing of an octopus (made with the outline of her hand) and some Jellyfish! She also wrote a little note on there. She is adorable and she has a MAJOR crush on Jake. It's quite ridiculous. She's only 9-years-old so it's cute! =]

Inside Flaps
Flap #1: A bobber attached to a fishing line with the quote "You and me going fishing in the dark, lying on our backs and counting the stars." Great song and it's about fishing and I can't wait to go fishing in the dark with my hubby someday! 
Flap #2: A boat that my little brother drew (12 years old). With some waves. 
Flap #3: A fishing pole with a heart attached and the quote "You've caught my heart...AWW" and I also added a "I LOVE YOU" on there! =]
Flap #4: "There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you are the only one for me!!!" Couldn't be more true. 

Side #1: Some summery stickers of a surfboard, sunglasses, cloud with a sun, and a flower.
Side #2: Drew my own school of fish on shiny gold paper, added a hook in front of them and a sticker saying "Hook, line, and sinker."
Side #3: My little sister drew a picture of a mermaid, and I added some sea animal stickers. 
Side #4: My sister drew Jake and I as scuba divers (they are sooo cute) and I added some stickers of fish and other underwater animals. 

Inside Bottom
A drawing of Dory from Finding Nemo with the quote "Just keep swimming." Meaning, keep on trucking over there and working hard because soon you will be able to come home!!!

The Contents
I tried to add snacks that somehow related to fishing or something that one might bring with while fishing. So I started out with the obvious: Goldfish. I put in two bags in two different flavors. I then added some Wheat Thins, four cans of AMP, granola bars, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, pistachios,  and gummy worms. I added applesauce as well because he requested it (he's on a health kick so I tried not to include snacks too high in calories). I also added in two random things, the first being hand sanitizer called Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer from the site Perpetual Kid (click the link to go to the site). I actually got a lot of stuff from that website for future packages for him. There are a ton of low priced random stuff on there! Anyway, I added the hand sanitizer because well...#1 you need to sanitize your hands after handling fish right? So it fits the theme. #2 it has a funny name and well obviously a lot of deployed military touch their genitals a lot, let's be honest. It's a lonely place over there. I also included a Wacky Wally Wall Crawler (from Perpetual kid as well), because it's cute and it's a octopus! 
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Marine Corps and DAY 100!!

Today is the 237th Birthday of the Marine Corps, the branch that my future hubby is a part of! I would like to give a shout out to every past, present, and future Marine. I would also like to thank the military branch for giving my fiance' so many amazing opportunities and for making his life complete. Today also marks Jake's 100th day of deployment! Time is flying by! I'm so excited. Each day that passes means one day closer to him coming home to me. Then we can get hitched and start a life together. I've never wanted anything so much in my life. I've never been more willing for change in my life either. It really is perfect timing for everything. I will be graduating college in May and hopefully soon after Jake will be able to take a few days off and fly back up to MN then we will hop in my car and road trip it back to Cali. Our new home (for the time being at least). I will be corny and cliche' and say with with utmost honesty- home is wherever we are together. There are so many things I am looking forward to about moving. First, I will be in a state with NO SNOW! I'm not a fan of the snow. Mostly just the driving in. Next, I will be able to make new friends! Also, I will be able to go to the ocean and experience a whole different culture. Minnesota is a 180 degree flip from Cali! I will be able to go to the Marine Corps ball next year as well. I also had a dream the other night about me, my man, and my dog all running around and playing at the beach. That will be awesome!

On a side note, I had to take one of my clients to the library today and there was a wedding going on right in the middle of the library! I took a crappy picture but that's because I was trying to do it without anyone noticing! I thought it was cute, random, but cute. I think a public library is a little too public for my tastes. But hey if they love books and it's meaningful to them, more power to them!

When I got home from work and the gym tonight my sister just needed to show me that she got a pack of temporary tattoos. I remember when I was her age and temporary tattoos were the coolest things! I'm glad I'm now able to get permanent ones! I remember my senior year of high school we had to do a sociological experiment and my group chose to give ourselves temporary tattoo sleeves, and we put them all over our faces. The assignment was to do something out there and against "the norm" and document people's reactions to it. We got A LOT of weird looks and one guy at Perkins asked us if we just got back from a kids carnival of some sort. But other than that we didn't get very many comments for strangers. Anyway, back to my point. My sister insisted she give me a tattoo from her set and that's just what she did! She is so adorable! =]

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I love that... today, randomly, without even planning it, my man and I started e-mailing back and forth but the difference with today when compared to our normal back and forth e-mailing is we started every single reply with "I love that." For example the conversation started with Jake saying things such as "I love my job" and me saying "I love fishing" and just random things that we love. Then it ended up being Jake saying things like "I love that you support me in my military career", "I love that you want to take my last name", "I love that you will be a great mother one day", " I love that we will be able to play computer games together" and me saying "I love that you think I'm worthy enough to take your last name", "I love that we will be able to play board games as a date night", and "I love that one day I'll be able to hug and kiss you any time I want", and "I love that you believe in me and have faith that I will be successful in my career one day." 

It's a really fun and cute game to play with your significant other. You can do it over instant messaging, texts, e-mail, heck you can even do it in voice conversations! We made up the rules as we went and the person who does not put the "I love that" or the "I love" in front of the sentence loses and you can try to trick each other into messing up. As of right now, we are still going and haven't been able to trick each other yet, but we've been close! It gives you, as a couple, the chance to compliment each other, re-live good memories, express your hopes & dreams, and just let each other know how much you mean to one another. It's especially beneficial and important for me because Jake is overseas and we don't get to communicate verbally very often and we don't get to see each other for large chunks out of the year. This gives us a fun way to talk about our future together and express our love in a unique way. We're having a lot of fun with it!!!

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