Saturday, October 6, 2012


My little sister, Ryann, and I got crafty today and decorated our mini pumpkins! All we did was paint them with acrylic paint with the use of foam brushes. The faces are painted on with a paint pen and the googly eyes were just glued on! I also melted crayons on the pink and purple ones. It was fun and they actually turned out really good! Next, I want to get the white mini pumpkins and paint black designs on them. Make them pretty and elegant! 

Next I experimented with spray paint. It doesn't stay on very well and chips off easily if you handle it to much, but I must admit it looks pretty badass!
The first picture is just the plain metallic silver spray paint. I later took a paint pen and tried making a design (I'm not very good at making swirls). The next pumpkin has a base coat of purple acrylic paint then I lightly sprayed it with the silver (holding the can a good two feet away) so you can still see the purple through the silver. Turned out really good! 

We also got into a baking mood and made some Banana Pudding Poke Cake! See original recipe HERE. It is delicious!!!

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  1. the pumpkins look great! love them! also the banana pudding cake - um delicious!

    xo Jessica



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