Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Pet

Today we got a new pet! A wee little Crayfish that my little sis, Ryann, got to bring home from school. Her class learned all about crayfish in science class. Their physical attributes, habitat, what they eat, etc. She has been coming home from school everyday telling everyone about what she learned about them. The class held a drawing for the crayfish once their unit was over, and she got to take one home. We made a little habitat for her in a plastic bin with fish gravel, and we put a bowl in there upside down with a hole cut in the side (looks like in igloo) for it to hide in. They apparently hate light and love to sleep and chill out in small dark places, hence the bowl. They also eat crushed cat food every other day. Chances are the Crayfish won't last long, but Ryann is taking good care of it and she's really excited about it. She has taken it upon herself to name her "Sparkles." Not sure where that came from or how it fits but it is what it is.  She brought home a hand out that she filled out in school so we could determine if her Crayfish is a boy or a girl. Turns out we have a girl! We know this because it has more swimmerets underneath her tail compared to what male Crayfish have and our Crayfish has an egg-port. Ryann taught me all about that and showed me how to tell the difference. It was a learning experience for me! Crayfish really are neat creatures. Very fun to watch and observe!
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  1. Aw! She looks so proud! How awesome! :)

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award. :) Check it out here! happeninhaylie.blogspot.com



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