Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Care Package

Yay! He received his Halloween themed box so now I can share it! Halloween is my second favorite Holiday (my first being Independence Day) so putting this box was a lot of fun for me. I decorated the bottom of the package with orange construction paper and random monster/pumpkin stickers and of course the words "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!"

The Sides
  • Random zombie pictures, foam stickers of pumpkins, bats, the moon, ghosts, haunted house, etc. I also glued in some spiders which actually look really neat! I hope they stayed intact during transit. I then glued in a envelope on one side and put in a little letter to him. 
The Flaps
  • Two flaps are of Halloween scrapbook paper, the other two are just black paper, but it's velvet black paper so its fun to touch. haha. I wrote a big "I LOVE YOU" with hearts on one and the other has some more random pictures on it. 
The Contents
  • First off, I filled eight treat bags with some licorice, a mini granola bar, and some candy corn. I told him he could keep them to himself or share, I just liked the bags and wanted to use them. I also added the handheld game "Battleship", a slinky (I know there's probably not stairs to use but you can play with it just in your hands too), Jolly Ranchers, a growing skeleton (when you put it in water), silly putty, parachute jumpers, glow sword, a mini pumpkin I decorated, chocolate covered pretzels, beef steak sticks, pop rocks, ring pops, two suckers, and the left over Twizzlers. To top it off I added some spider webs on the top!
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