Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Honestly, I think I am one of very few people who can say they love their job and not have much to complain about (besides the 45 minute drive there and wanting to be paid a wee bit more). For the most part I don't wake up every morning saying "UGH I REALLY DON'T WANNA GO TO WORK!!!" I work at a Group Home through the company Opportunity Matters, inc. Though frustrating at times, my clients are pretty easy to get along with and because they are higher functioning we can actually have conversations with them and learn about their lives, play games, and take them places outside of the house. It's kind of comparable to babysitting but a little more fun.I have learned a lot about certain psychological disorders and various behavior plans which is extremely interesting as I am a Psychology major. I enjoy my fellow employees but there is honestly one thing that bugs the crap out of me. I pick up basically every open shift I can that avoids me going into overtime and shifts that don't conflict with my classes. As a result I am working every weekend and pulling a double at least once a week. I rearely ever take days off. When I have it has been to cut overtime or to go see Jake in San Diego. If a fellow employee needs to switch shifts on the weekend. I do it and rarely ever have to say no to them. On September 30th we are having a family reunion and I have not seen my family in months and months because I am ALWAYS working on the weekends we go to see them. My grandma lost her husband (my grandpa) earlier this year and she is extremely lonely and sad. I would like to have this day off so I can go see her and the rest of the family I have not seen in a very long time and some of the family I have never even met. However, do you think anyone could return the favor and switch shifts with me? Hell no they can't, but if one of their good friends asks them sure it's no problem. I get this feeling that no one at my work really likes me which doesn't make sense because I have done nothing to any of them. I'm at the point where the next time they ask me for help I'm going to say no not until they start returning the favor. It's so frustrating. In order to pick Jake up from the airport when he came home for his predeployment leave I had to bribe someone with $15 and beg them to take the shift for them to agree.  I shouldn't have to pay people to do me a favor when I am doing the same favor for them with no bribe.

I cannot wait to graduate and get a full time job, hopefully with weekends off, and vacation time. Even if it's just a administration job while I continue with my schooling I would be more than happy with that. I could work the 8-4 or the 9-5, be home in time to cook dinner for my husband, get some cleaning done. Have weekends off to go hiking, biking, bowling, or go on a date night, or take the dogs to the park, sit on the front porch and sip chocolate milk with a straw, or go to family reunions, take scuba diving classes, catch up on laundry, work on homework, read a book...I just want to be able to enjoy two days of the week. I have been working weekends for the past six years and I just need a break. I know people have it worse then me, I know I don't have much to complain about and I try to avoid whining about things but the whole never being able to take time off thing is frustrating and it's been building up for awhile now.

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