Thursday, September 20, 2012

Phone Calls

I never thought something like a simple phone call could make me instantly super happy. No matter how bad of a day I have had, getting a phone call from my future hubby always raises my spirits. I wish it could happen more often and for longer amounts of time but I will take what I can get and I am grateful for every second I get to hear his voice. I believe a lot of people take things like getting phone calls from their boyfriends/fiance's, or husbands for granted. I know people who get upset when their men don't call them every night or reply to their texts right away. Trust me, it can be a lot worse. I've read military wife blogs and many of them go weeks and/or months without hearing from their significant other. The great thing about it is these women are so strong about it all. They don't get upset (I'm talking anger) because of it. Of course it makes them sad, how could it not? But they stay strong and because they love their men and understand that this is their life and their duty and they wait for them. Now I know not all the women do. I know there are some who betray their men and cheat because they are soo desperate for attention and love. To me, these women are weak and selfish. I don't need to go out and seek attention from other men to feel loved. I don't need to sleep with other people to feel loved. I know I am loved by the way Jake treats me, by the way he talks to me, and by the butterflies he gives me in my tummy when he looks at me. I will go through any amount of time and distance away from Jake because I know one day we will finally be able to be together. He is worth the wait. I cannot punish him or make him feel guilty for doing what he loves and what he was put on this earth to do! He is a United States Marine and he is a damn good one too! I look forward to spending my life supporting his career and helping him make his dreams come true, for I know he will do the same for me. It seems as though I got a bit off topic. Which tends to happen a lot when while I blog! All in all, I love it when my man takes the time out of his busy schedule to call me!!!

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  1. I hear ya Miranda! I feel the exact same when my hubby calls, even after 15 years! This life really does make you appreciate certain things :)



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