Monday, September 24, 2012

Care Package #1

Jake finally received his care package so I can post the awesome pictures (I forgot to take pictures of it before I sent it so he did it for me!) You will have to enlarge it to get the full effect. hehe. So this was the first one I sent him so it didn't really have a "theme" per say  Let's just say it was a "I love you and miss you like craaaazy" theme.

So I started out decorating the inside. I coated the bottom of the box with blue duct tape because it looked cool. Then I lined the rest of it with various pieces of scrapbook paper in different shades of blue. Let's start with the inner sides and leave the flaps for later.

Side #1: This side consisted of various someecards because we find them hilarious and yes, we do have perverted minds. Life's more fun that way.
Side #2: I had to add some "overly attached girlfriend" memes in there because yes, they are funny and yes, one of them is inappropriate deal with it. I also stuck a picture of us on there and a little quote about waiting for him while he's away (see I can be sappy sometimes).
Side #3: Some more sappy quotes about missing him and another picture of us.
Side #4: Darth Vader exclaiming "Jake, I am your father." Classic (slightly edited) Star Wars quote. He's a Star Wars nerd, and I have to admit I have never seen a single Star Wars movie in my life but he says he will soon change that! I also had the Tardis from Doctor Who on there because he and I are both fans of that show as well. (I just started watching it this season and I love it! Oh and the "Don't Blink Creepy Angels are going to kill you" episode was awesome too!)
Now onto the flaps...

Flap #1: Summer/beach theme since it's a depressing desert where he is now. He likes the beach and scuba diving and the likes so I thought it made sense.
Flap #2: Various Marine Corp stickers. I mean he is a MARINE after all. Kind of fit the circumstances!
Flap #3: My very own handcrafted Star Wars ship origami (even flying through the starry sky).
Flap #4: A simple I LOVE YOU!!! because it's true and 100% necessary.

  1.  A picture frame I crafted with a picture of us. So he won't forget my beautiful face (haha yeah right)
  2. Applesauce because it is yummy and healthy.
  3. Kleenex for when his allergies act up.
  4. Pistachios for protein and because they are just wonderful and delicious.
  5. Five Hour Energy Shots because he works long hours and is always talking about how sleepy he is.
  6. Pringles for when he is craving something salty.
  7. Batman Pez Dispenser because sugary pills are yummy and Batman is the shit!
  8. Monster Fighters Lego kit so he can keep himself busy, constructively.
  9. My little sister also wrote him and note and drew him a picture and my 18-year-old brother felt the need to add the note "Don't drop the soap" to be a smart ass.
  10. There were two other things that were somewhat personal that probably shouldn't be discussed. Use your imagination.
I am currently finishing up his next box, which does have a theme. Stay tuned for that! Thanks for reading!
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