Thursday, August 9, 2012



Granted it was only for like 15 minutes and his connection is shitty so I couldn't really hear half the stuff he said and the picture quality was horrible, but I got to see his face and briefly hear his voice which means a lot to me. As you can see he was busy being his silly self. He makes me smile and laugh like no one else can and that's why I love him so dearly. Oh and he put his cute hat on because he is BALD!!! I was shocked. But hair or no hair he is super handsome! It's just something I'm not used to seeing! =]

Earlier yesterday morning I received a very beautiful and flattering e-mail from my man, so in order to brag about how amazing my fiance' is I shall post it!
 "Miranda, I love you. I wont add any thing special on there because words fail to describe how special you are to me. I am crazy happy that you agreed to marry me. One day when we are husband and wife we will be an awesome couple. I know you want me to be closer to your friends and family but i don't know how do to that with the limited amounts of time i'm home. please tell me what you want me to do and i will bend over backwards to do it.  I can't believe that your willing to elope with me. it makes me happy that your willing to be mine for evea and evea.  I already have alot of the stuff for our house but i was thinking about getting a new couch and maybe some random stuff.
Also i have been trying to type this email several times today and i

just got a chance to finish it when i saw your other email. i'm glad

that i can make you happy with just an email."

On another note, yesterday I went out and bought some bitchin' dinnerware for my future house (see left). Yes, it is probably strange for a college student to be dreaming up a future home and purchasing adult things for something that does not yet exist, but it's easier to buy small things occasionally then have to fork out a bunch of cash all at once right before you move right? I will also be purchasing dining room chairs and some Tupperware very soon here! Is it obvious that I want to get out of living with my parents and be an adult after graduation? I am also super excited to move out because the plan is that I will finally be able to live with my love. Maybe in California, maybe somewhere else. I don't really care as long as I finally get to be with him!! 
Also, I must document that last night I finished my first mini beer tour at old Chicago. I received an awesome T-shirt as a reward. It was a good night out with friends that's for sure! I am currently at 13/110 beers to complete my world tour. I have a long way to go but I wouldn't change hanging out with my friends to complete it for anything! Slowly but surely I am becoming accustomed to beer. I hated beer before this and I never drank it. I have come to realize its an acquired taste...kind of like coffee (which I do not like either and I don't think I ever will).  

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