Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ren Fest and Forest City Threshers

Yesterday I took my little sister and my best friend and her boyfriend to the MN Ren Fest! It was a lot of fun. We looked around all the shops (I was sooo tempted to buy a Zelda Ocarina but I decided to be responsible and save my money because I'm in short supply of it).  We saw a couple people with Link costumes which was awesome. John even went up to one of them and shook his hand and thanked him for dressing up and being awesome. We watched a stunt guy, the comedy show by the Tortuga Twins, and a fire show as well as pet a giant snake and ate yummy food. We brought my dog Leila along (she wore fairy wings to fit in) and she was very popular! Everyone said "Oh look at the cute dog with the wings!" and she got a lot of petting and attention. She had fun. So much fun that she slept the whole way home. The highlight of the Ren Fest for me with watching John be called up on stage during the "Washing Well Wenches" skit. The EXACT thing happened to my man when we went to the Ren Fest down in California. It was sooo great!
I got it on video which you can see here Washing Well Wenches Pick on John. And here you can see it happening to my man Jake: Jake at Ren FestWalking around there all day and having fun really made me miss Jake though. He loves that kind of stuff just as much as I do. I would have liked to share that day with him. There also happened to be a beautiful wedding going on there which made missing him worse. However, he shall be back in my arms again soon. The time will go fast I just know it. Before we left I stopped by Jake's parent's shop and said hi to everyone. I was also invited to have dinner with them on Tuesday night so I'm excited for that!

Today the family and I went to Forest City Threshers (a tractor show). This is one that we go to every year because my dad loves tractors and they have tractor pulls, and tons of demos. It is a lot of fun. Also, right across the street is a park type thing recreated to represent and educate about colonial times. Ryann and I got some rock candy and we got to make cute dolls in the school house they had there. It is just one of those things that the whole family enjoys doing together! I'm definitely going to miss doing that next year!

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