Monday, August 27, 2012


Holy crap some people really need to get their priorities in order. If you are in college your goal for the year should not be to see how many parties you can go to, or how many chicks/dudes you can bang, or how many hockey games you go to. Are you serious? Facebook blew up this past weekend with posts like "OHMAHGAWD KEGS AND EGGS" "DRINKING AT 9:00AM OMG I'M SO AWESOME!" Are you fucking kidding me? #1 I'm so fucking glad that I was at work making money and being responsible all weekend. I would seriously chose that over getting crazy drunk at 9:00am. #2 I know for a fact that most of the people who posted such statuses and drunk pictures of themselves at the bar were struggling academically last year and did in fact fail some classes or come damn close to it. How can you chose partying over getting your shit done for school? You are paying thousands and thousands of dollars for these classes. I say take advantage of the opportunities you have to learn and be responsible. Or you will end up a uneducated, jobless, alcoholic adult filled with regrets. I personally, can have fun with my friends (a lot of fun actually) completely sober! If you need to go out downtown and drink to have fun with your friends something is seriously wrong.
Don't get me wrong. Do I occasionally go out with friends and drink and have a good time? Yes. But I make damn sure I have my work done first and all my ducks in a row. School is very important to me and keeping my GPA very high is very important to me and I am not about to let alcohol screw up everything that I have going for myself. It's sad to see it happening to other people in my life. Just goes to show just how people value different things. I so am unbelievably happy with how my life has turned out and all the amazing people who have entered my life. I am going to focus on my schooling for this last year and focus on the amazing relationships with the people I have in my life. So much is in store for me after this year. One chapter of my journey through life will close and an entirely new one will be written. I have never been more excited to experience something new.
Live, love, laugh, and prosper. <3

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  1. I agree with you! College shouldn't be about drinking, sleeping around, drugs, etc... It should be about college and class. Sadly people just go to college to drink, especially at St. Cloud State where they are known for there parties and other not so good things. Good luck hun!



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