Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Wolf on Campus and Lost Friends

I am currently posting this from the library at school (see wonderful photography skills of mine ^^). I have not been here all summer and I must admit it feels good to be back. Classes start up again in...17 days. I am super excited for this year! Mostly because by next spring I will have a Bachelors degree under my belt and my adult life will finally be able to start. I am also excited because I plan on being a lot more involved than I have been. I will be reunited with my sorority sisters and I hope to do a lot more volunteering with them to build my resume' and to become more outgoing and professional. I will also be starting an internship the second half of the year (I have no idea where but I should probably get going on that). It is also in my agenda to join the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success. To help me gain the important leadership qualities that I currently lack. I have so much planned for myself this year and I plan on making it as memorable as possible! I love college and I love learning and helping people. I am grateful to be at a University that has so many great programs and opportunities to get involved.

On a sadder note, one of my old best friends is getting married today and I'm a little bummed that I can't be a part of it...or that I wasn't even invited. Back when I lived in Buffalo she (Natalie) along with her twin brother (Andrew) moved into the neighborhood and instantly we became best friends. To this day I have never had a friend that could compare to how close the three of us were. We were inseparable. We did everything together and actually managed to get into A LOT of trouble back in the day (Me, in trouble? I know hard to believe!). I would not in a million years take back one second of the time we spent together. But when 5th grade came around I moved to Annandale and not long after they moved away as well. It wasn't until a year or two later that out of no where I got a call from Natalie and I had never been happier. Even though we lived far away we made time to hang out as best we could, and we kept in touch with e-mail and phone calls. I remember when her older brother (Kyle) passed away...and how she talked to me about it and I showed up unexpectedly at his funeral to support them and their dad. We went through a lot together.

In 8th grade I was ecstatic to learn that Natalie and Andrew were moving to Annandale and were going to be going to school with me! However, the excitement didn't last long when they quickly made friends with the "popular" kids in the grade. The ones who ridiculed me, judged me, and treated me like shit when I was new to the school. So I made the choice to let them go and be happy with their new friends. I knew how these kids acted and I wanted nothing to do with people who got enjoyment out of tearing other people down. From that point on we stopped being best friends and were more like acquaintances who said "hi" occasionally in the hallway. And now Andrew is traveling the world on mission trips and Natalie is going to be experiencing the best day of her life...without me. I guess what I'm trying to get across is that if you have important people in your life...don't give up on them when things get hard. Be open. Be honest. Be willing to share your concerns and hold on to good friends because they are far too few in the world today.

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