Sunday, August 12, 2012

A word from Jake!

In light of a post made by TinyTexan where she got her husband to post a diddy about what was going through his mind as he proposed, I decided to get my Fiance' to do the same!

"I honestly can't remember what we did the whole day. all I can really
remember is being really nervous the whole day. I was terrified that
you were going to find out my plan and tell me no or ruin the suprise.
I remember keeping that little blue box in my pocket almost the whole
day for some reason. I remember I kept playing with the box then
catching my self and freaking out thinking you were watching me. then
you were going to ask me and it would ruin my whole master plan.

anyway i some how stumbbled though the day and we made it to the
beach.  we were walking along hand in hand and you kept dragging
closer and closer to the water. you spalshed me a couple of times and
i remember freaking out. luckly you just thought I was being paranoid
about my phone. I'm so sneaky. I remember wrapping my arms around you
and holding you while we watched the sun go down. It took me a while
to work up the courage to ask. I kept trying to make small talk until
I could work into the right way to ask.

I remember muttering to you about having made a few calls while I was
waiting for you and I know i was mumbling to my self really badly. I
mentioned talking to your dad and I know you figured it out pretty
quickly. when you turned around I was busy trying to dig the ring box
out of my pocket. I had spent hours practicing what I wanted to say
and that all went out the window.

I remember thinking when you mentioned "are you really doing this
now." I thought you were going to say no or at least tell me to wait
till after I got home from the deployment. anyway I stumbled down on
one knee and mangaged to keep my hand from shaking too badly as I
tried putting the ring on your finger."

Thank you babe for writing this up for me and allowing me to post it! I love you, and it definitely made me smile! (Maybe I can get him to make more guest blog posts. Wahahaha)

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