Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting Crafty!

My favorite craft store, Crafts Direct, is having a HUGE sale. Most of the products I like working with were 50% off. I got 8x8 shadow boxes, 12x12 picture frames, glass squares and holders for them, wood picture frames to paint and decorate, wood coasters and box to decorate, and scrap book paper to decorate Jake's care packages. Today I finished two projects. A frame for my love and I, and a frame for my doggies! I'm looking forward to doing more. They are a lot of fun and it's a great way to bring back my creativity. I used to be very artsy, doing crafts and painting all the time but life happened and it was put on the back-burner. Not to mention these are all inexpensive crafts that would make great Christmas gifts if you are on a budget or are gifting someone who is hard to shop for. Especially the glass block craft. It is so much fun and you can customize it to the likes of those you are gifting them too. I'm going to make one with a beach theme. To symbolize my engagement and time spent visiting San Diego. The background will be a photo of the sunset I took at the ocean, and sand will be added with some shells that I got from the beach there. I haven't decided what else to add but it's going to be saweeeet! I'll post pictures as soon as I get that done.

I am also looking forward to decorating the box for my man's care package. I ordered boxes from USPS and I'm just waiting for those to arrive. Then I am going to decorate and pack it up. I am sending him a lot of great stuff. I don't want to list anything yet because I know he sometimes reads this and I don't want to ruin the surprise but I hope he enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.

I finished my glass block! It's silly and you can tell it's my first time doing this sort of project! It's meaningful to me and I am happy with it. I have stick figures of Jake and I made out of toothpicks, paper, and pictures of our heads! I gave Jake a shiny gold six pack and I know my boobs don't quite match the size of my body and they are kind of in the wrong place (looks like a bow tie?) but whatever who cares! I also added sand. I didn't get any sand from the beach while visiting San Diego to put in here (wish I had!) so I bought some craft sand at the store. I then added shells, these I did get from the actually beach while I was down there. I also added a cheap ring to symbolize my engagement and a small blue dog that Jake gave me because he gave it to me while I was visiting, I love dogs, and our life together will just be us and the dogs for awhile!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Holy crap some people really need to get their priorities in order. If you are in college your goal for the year should not be to see how many parties you can go to, or how many chicks/dudes you can bang, or how many hockey games you go to. Are you serious? Facebook blew up this past weekend with posts like "OHMAHGAWD KEGS AND EGGS" "DRINKING AT 9:00AM OMG I'M SO AWESOME!" Are you fucking kidding me? #1 I'm so fucking glad that I was at work making money and being responsible all weekend. I would seriously chose that over getting crazy drunk at 9:00am. #2 I know for a fact that most of the people who posted such statuses and drunk pictures of themselves at the bar were struggling academically last year and did in fact fail some classes or come damn close to it. How can you chose partying over getting your shit done for school? You are paying thousands and thousands of dollars for these classes. I say take advantage of the opportunities you have to learn and be responsible. Or you will end up a uneducated, jobless, alcoholic adult filled with regrets. I personally, can have fun with my friends (a lot of fun actually) completely sober! If you need to go out downtown and drink to have fun with your friends something is seriously wrong.
Don't get me wrong. Do I occasionally go out with friends and drink and have a good time? Yes. But I make damn sure I have my work done first and all my ducks in a row. School is very important to me and keeping my GPA very high is very important to me and I am not about to let alcohol screw up everything that I have going for myself. It's sad to see it happening to other people in my life. Just goes to show just how people value different things. I so am unbelievably happy with how my life has turned out and all the amazing people who have entered my life. I am going to focus on my schooling for this last year and focus on the amazing relationships with the people I have in my life. So much is in store for me after this year. One chapter of my journey through life will close and an entirely new one will be written. I have never been more excited to experience something new.
Live, love, laugh, and prosper. <3

Friday, August 24, 2012

Expectations and DRAMA

What expectations are ok to have for your significant other? The expectation that they will love you unconditionally? The expectation that they will stay faithful? The expectation that they would spend time with you occasionally? To me these are all acceptable expectations and they are all easy for one to fulfill. I don't feel like I ask for much. Hell I don't ever ask for anything from anyone. If I do something nice for someone I don't expect them to do anything in return. I don't expect to be spoiled or treated any different than anyone else. I don't think I should have to feel guilty about having any of the expectations that I listed above, but guess what now I do feel guilty about it. Maybe it's best not to expect shit from anyone anymore. If I don't expect it then I can't get upset if it doesn't happen right? Also, if I don't get upset about it happening then I can't get it thrown back in my face right? Makes sense to me. So from here on out I'm going to focus on ME and what I want out of my life. I don't give a shit what anyone else decides to do. I no longer expect anyone to do anything for me, or for anyone else. 

On a different note. I am completely tired of High School drama randomly popping up in my life. Some people seriously never change and never grow up. I'm sorry that I'm honest and I tell people how it is. I'm not going to sugar coat anything. If you ask me a serious question I'm going to give you the honest and serious truth. If you are too immature to take that then go ahead and call me a bitch and delete me from Facebook. Quite honestly I couldn't give a flying fuck about it. I've got too much on my plate right now to worry about you and your probems with me not talking to you enough. Oh and if you delete me and tell me to have a nice life do not message me five hours later asking more questions. That's just fucking dumb. The way I see it is there are plenty more friends to be made, no sense stressing yourself over one that brings you down!!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Now Ventsday is supposed to be on a Wednesday...but hell it's Monday. Mondays are no fun. I'm working 14 hours today on roughly 4 hours of sleep so fuck it. I'm venting today!

  1. I'm tired. I don't know what was wrong with me last night but I was up tossing and turning and could not get comfortable and could not clear my head. Too much to think about and contimplate and wish for I guess!
  2. I hate being broke. I've always been good with handling money and saving and being responsible but working 30 miles away from home is really stupid when you are a college student driving an SUV. Every trip there and home is 1/4 a tank of gas. Which is roughly $30. and I get paid $9-$9.50 (depending on weekday or weekend) so I work two hours besically for the price of gas and when you only work 4 hour days it's pointless. I seriously should have kept my job back in Annandale it would have saved me so much time and money. The saddest part is that I spend more money on gas a month than I do on my actual car payment every month. Not to mention my truck needs new tires=$600, I need a parking pass for school=$200, and textbooks have yet to be purchased...roughly=$300-$500. Some days I seriously contimplate just leaving school. I personally believe that a degree under your belt should not be needed for certain jobs. If I could land a high paying job right now and just learn via observation and training (which is all I need. I don't need to read a stupid ass textbook) I would quit school right now and take that job. I'm on my last year of college and I don't feel any more prepared for a career in psychology then I did back in high school. This country frustrates me, the economy frusrates me, and I just want to be done with school and start a full time job so I can pay my damn bills.
  3. Time changes suck.  It's poopy having a Fiance' who goes to bed just as you are waking up/getting off of work and wakes up just as you are going to bed. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad if my stupid cellphone could get service at work so I would have a little more time to Facebook chat him...but nope. T-mobile is a joke...but the only damn service broke college kids can afford.
  4. I've lost all motivation to run. A couple months ago running was amazingly awesome and I did it every single day. Now all I want to do is sit on the couch and eat. I feel so worthless and so lazy and I don't know why. Maybe it's the fact that I am working doubles at work every single week, maybe I just don't give a shit about the way I look anymore...maybe all this stress of having a loved one overseas and no money in the bank is the cause. I just don't know but something has to change or I'm going to go crazy.
  5. I wish my friends would make a trip to my town when they want to hang out. Why do I always have to drive to them? Ticks me off sometimes.
  6. I'm getting sick of always having to sacrifice everything for other people. At work: I cover shifts for people all the time. Do you think they could cover any for me like when I have a huge concert I paid good money to go see? Hell no. When my brother needs a car to go to work or go hang out with friends who has to sacrifice going somewhere so he can use their car? Me. Who has to pick up their life and leave everyone behind and move? Me. Ok I'm not really going to complain about that one cause I'm excited for it...lol. I just hope it doesn't backfire and blow up in my face.
That's all I can think of right now. But I'm sure more will come up. I'm just in a very bad mood today...I just want it to be over.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ren Fest and Forest City Threshers

Yesterday I took my little sister and my best friend and her boyfriend to the MN Ren Fest! It was a lot of fun. We looked around all the shops (I was sooo tempted to buy a Zelda Ocarina but I decided to be responsible and save my money because I'm in short supply of it).  We saw a couple people with Link costumes which was awesome. John even went up to one of them and shook his hand and thanked him for dressing up and being awesome. We watched a stunt guy, the comedy show by the Tortuga Twins, and a fire show as well as pet a giant snake and ate yummy food. We brought my dog Leila along (she wore fairy wings to fit in) and she was very popular! Everyone said "Oh look at the cute dog with the wings!" and she got a lot of petting and attention. She had fun. So much fun that she slept the whole way home. The highlight of the Ren Fest for me with watching John be called up on stage during the "Washing Well Wenches" skit. The EXACT thing happened to my man when we went to the Ren Fest down in California. It was sooo great!
I got it on video which you can see here Washing Well Wenches Pick on John. And here you can see it happening to my man Jake: Jake at Ren FestWalking around there all day and having fun really made me miss Jake though. He loves that kind of stuff just as much as I do. I would have liked to share that day with him. There also happened to be a beautiful wedding going on there which made missing him worse. However, he shall be back in my arms again soon. The time will go fast I just know it. Before we left I stopped by Jake's parent's shop and said hi to everyone. I was also invited to have dinner with them on Tuesday night so I'm excited for that!

Today the family and I went to Forest City Threshers (a tractor show). This is one that we go to every year because my dad loves tractors and they have tractor pulls, and tons of demos. It is a lot of fun. Also, right across the street is a park type thing recreated to represent and educate about colonial times. Ryann and I got some rock candy and we got to make cute dolls in the school house they had there. It is just one of those things that the whole family enjoys doing together! I'm definitely going to miss doing that next year!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A word from Jake!

In light of a post made by TinyTexan where she got her husband to post a diddy about what was going through his mind as he proposed, I decided to get my Fiance' to do the same!

"I honestly can't remember what we did the whole day. all I can really
remember is being really nervous the whole day. I was terrified that
you were going to find out my plan and tell me no or ruin the suprise.
I remember keeping that little blue box in my pocket almost the whole
day for some reason. I remember I kept playing with the box then
catching my self and freaking out thinking you were watching me. then
you were going to ask me and it would ruin my whole master plan.

anyway i some how stumbbled though the day and we made it to the
beach.  we were walking along hand in hand and you kept dragging
closer and closer to the water. you spalshed me a couple of times and
i remember freaking out. luckly you just thought I was being paranoid
about my phone. I'm so sneaky. I remember wrapping my arms around you
and holding you while we watched the sun go down. It took me a while
to work up the courage to ask. I kept trying to make small talk until
I could work into the right way to ask.

I remember muttering to you about having made a few calls while I was
waiting for you and I know i was mumbling to my self really badly. I
mentioned talking to your dad and I know you figured it out pretty
quickly. when you turned around I was busy trying to dig the ring box
out of my pocket. I had spent hours practicing what I wanted to say
and that all went out the window.

I remember thinking when you mentioned "are you really doing this
now." I thought you were going to say no or at least tell me to wait
till after I got home from the deployment. anyway I stumbled down on
one knee and mangaged to keep my hand from shaking too badly as I
tried putting the ring on your finger."

Thank you babe for writing this up for me and allowing me to post it! I love you, and it definitely made me smile! (Maybe I can get him to make more guest blog posts. Wahahaha)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Wolf on Campus and Lost Friends

I am currently posting this from the library at school (see wonderful photography skills of mine ^^). I have not been here all summer and I must admit it feels good to be back. Classes start up again in...17 days. I am super excited for this year! Mostly because by next spring I will have a Bachelors degree under my belt and my adult life will finally be able to start. I am also excited because I plan on being a lot more involved than I have been. I will be reunited with my sorority sisters and I hope to do a lot more volunteering with them to build my resume' and to become more outgoing and professional. I will also be starting an internship the second half of the year (I have no idea where but I should probably get going on that). It is also in my agenda to join the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success. To help me gain the important leadership qualities that I currently lack. I have so much planned for myself this year and I plan on making it as memorable as possible! I love college and I love learning and helping people. I am grateful to be at a University that has so many great programs and opportunities to get involved.

On a sadder note, one of my old best friends is getting married today and I'm a little bummed that I can't be a part of it...or that I wasn't even invited. Back when I lived in Buffalo she (Natalie) along with her twin brother (Andrew) moved into the neighborhood and instantly we became best friends. To this day I have never had a friend that could compare to how close the three of us were. We were inseparable. We did everything together and actually managed to get into A LOT of trouble back in the day (Me, in trouble? I know hard to believe!). I would not in a million years take back one second of the time we spent together. But when 5th grade came around I moved to Annandale and not long after they moved away as well. It wasn't until a year or two later that out of no where I got a call from Natalie and I had never been happier. Even though we lived far away we made time to hang out as best we could, and we kept in touch with e-mail and phone calls. I remember when her older brother (Kyle) passed away...and how she talked to me about it and I showed up unexpectedly at his funeral to support them and their dad. We went through a lot together.

In 8th grade I was ecstatic to learn that Natalie and Andrew were moving to Annandale and were going to be going to school with me! However, the excitement didn't last long when they quickly made friends with the "popular" kids in the grade. The ones who ridiculed me, judged me, and treated me like shit when I was new to the school. So I made the choice to let them go and be happy with their new friends. I knew how these kids acted and I wanted nothing to do with people who got enjoyment out of tearing other people down. From that point on we stopped being best friends and were more like acquaintances who said "hi" occasionally in the hallway. And now Andrew is traveling the world on mission trips and Natalie is going to be experiencing the best day of her life...without me. I guess what I'm trying to get across is that if you have important people in your life...don't give up on them when things get hard. Be open. Be honest. Be willing to share your concerns and hold on to good friends because they are far too few in the world today.

Thursday, August 9, 2012



Granted it was only for like 15 minutes and his connection is shitty so I couldn't really hear half the stuff he said and the picture quality was horrible, but I got to see his face and briefly hear his voice which means a lot to me. As you can see he was busy being his silly self. He makes me smile and laugh like no one else can and that's why I love him so dearly. Oh and he put his cute hat on because he is BALD!!! I was shocked. But hair or no hair he is super handsome! It's just something I'm not used to seeing! =]

Earlier yesterday morning I received a very beautiful and flattering e-mail from my man, so in order to brag about how amazing my fiance' is I shall post it!
 "Miranda, I love you. I wont add any thing special on there because words fail to describe how special you are to me. I am crazy happy that you agreed to marry me. One day when we are husband and wife we will be an awesome couple. I know you want me to be closer to your friends and family but i don't know how do to that with the limited amounts of time i'm home. please tell me what you want me to do and i will bend over backwards to do it.  I can't believe that your willing to elope with me. it makes me happy that your willing to be mine for evea and evea.  I already have alot of the stuff for our house but i was thinking about getting a new couch and maybe some random stuff.
Also i have been trying to type this email several times today and i

just got a chance to finish it when i saw your other email. i'm glad

that i can make you happy with just an email."

On another note, yesterday I went out and bought some bitchin' dinnerware for my future house (see left). Yes, it is probably strange for a college student to be dreaming up a future home and purchasing adult things for something that does not yet exist, but it's easier to buy small things occasionally then have to fork out a bunch of cash all at once right before you move right? I will also be purchasing dining room chairs and some Tupperware very soon here! Is it obvious that I want to get out of living with my parents and be an adult after graduation? I am also super excited to move out because the plan is that I will finally be able to live with my love. Maybe in California, maybe somewhere else. I don't really care as long as I finally get to be with him!! 
Also, I must document that last night I finished my first mini beer tour at old Chicago. I received an awesome T-shirt as a reward. It was a good night out with friends that's for sure! I am currently at 13/110 beers to complete my world tour. I have a long way to go but I wouldn't change hanging out with my friends to complete it for anything! Slowly but surely I am becoming accustomed to beer. I hated beer before this and I never drank it. I have come to realize its an acquired taste...kind of like coffee (which I do not like either and I don't think I ever will).  


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