Monday, July 2, 2012


I really wish people knew how to let go. I woke up this past Saturday morning with a voicemail from my ex. It has been 8 months since I've had any contact with him. The voicemail consisted of, "Have a good 21st Birthday." My 21st birthday was 2 months ago... "Have a drink and be happy." Oh I did have a drink and I am the happiest I could ever be because I am no longer dating you. "I memorized your number" Creeperish not going to lie. I suggest you just forget it. That's all he said directly to me but the voicemail was six minutes long because he was too wasted to hang up the phone. So the rest was a bunch of swearing and yelling about "I lost my phone, and someone stole my wallet." What I don't understand is HE ended the relationship. He broke up with me and after 3 1/2 years and the only explanation I've ever received is that we are too "different." I was the same person those 3 years so I really wish you would have told me that 3 years ago so I didn't have to waste my time! I didn't reply because I have nothing to say to him. We are done. We will never again be together. I get it that he's lonely. I have that issue too sometimes with my fiance' being away, but honestly if he just grew up he could find someone. What also made me upset was the fact that one of my good friends was out partying with him while this happened and she allowed it. I didn't know it was ok to hang out with the guy who broke your friends heart but it is what it is. I'm not going to sweat it. My advice to everyone, if your relationship ends MOVE ON. It obviously ended for a reason and call me cliche' but THERE ARE PLENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA! I didn't think I would find anyone else and certainly not as quickly but I did. I survived and I'm happy. You can do the same.

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